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Book of Romeo and Julia

Spillemaskiner som Book of Romeo and Julia

Pure Romance In The Book of Romeo and Julia

The story of Romeo and Juliet is probably one of the most famous romances in the world. After all, who is not familiar with the tragic story of the Capulet and Matague families? If you are a fan of this romantic love story, then the free online slot game "Book of Romeo and Juliet" is just the thing for you. Here, you can once again experience the events of the two lovers and can score many points. Be careful though! If you take too much of a risk, the points can also be lost rather quickly. But now on to Verona to the Book of Romeo and Juliet!

What is Book of Romeo and Juliet and how do you play this game?

Book of Romeo and Juliet is a free online slot machine all about bringing three symbols to a stop on the five reels such that they land on one or more of the win lines. If this is the case, you win points - depending on your bet. If not, you will lose those points. However, before you start the first spin, you should take care of your bets. You can determine your bet at the bottom left of the game window. You can alter your bet via the plus and minus buttons. In the same way, you can select the number of win lines, with which you want to play. You can choose between five and ten win lines here. The higher the value, the greater your chances of winning. But be on your guard: This naturally also increases the total bet, because this is the product of the bet and win lines played. But if you generally like taking risks, you can also click on the "Max Bet" button on the right. Then, all values are automatically set to the highest possible value. Right next to this button, you will find the "Auto" button. By clicking on it, the games will then take place in succession without having to hit the start button every single time.

How do you win Book of Romeo and Juliet?

If the reels stop such that the symbols end up on the win line, you win points. If the symbols line up with several lines at once, the winnings are then added up. Speaking of profits: You can decide whether you accept your profit or risk it all during a bonus round. Here, you have to guess the correct suit, with there being a choice between red and black. If you get it right, your profit is doubled, if you are wrong, you lose everything. You are of course given another chance to fill up your points account. With a little luck, you can earn free spins. This means that you do not use any points for these games, but any and all winnings will be nonetheless accredited to your account. If you want to gain an accurate picture of the value of each reel symbol, you can click the blue "i" button at the bottom left of the game screen. Doing so will open up a menu where you can see all of this information.

The Symbols In Book of Romeo and Juliet

  • Romeo
  • Juliet
  • Dagger
  • Love Letter
  • Jack
  • Queen
  • King
  • Ace
  • The Number 10

The Most Beautiful Love Story in the World as a Slot Machine

Book of Romeo and Juliet brings back memories of this wonderful love story and combines them with an exciting and entertaining slot machine. If you have always been fascinated by this story, this game was made for you.So do not hesitate.